112 DOOR

Enhance your mechanical locks with smart phone accessibility.

Lukoton smart phone access can be used along side with all most common locking solutions. It allows instant access to 112 emergency care personnel, shared space access for tenants and secure maintenance access for all technical facilities.

Mobile key is easy to share for maintenance companies and all families at your residential buildings. Access right management is a breeze and mobile key is never lost or stolen. In case of lost mobile device, we’ve made sure your smart phone won’t contain any safety critical information and access of any device can be revoked with few clicks.

You don’t need to invest on expensive smart locks. Our system works together¬†with your existing mechanical devices. You can even keep the old keys as a backup, if needed.

Make your residential building 112 compatible

Give instant emergency access for emergency care unit, ambulance and police. No more broken doors or life unnecessary waiting. Improve the safety of every day life.

Access control as a maintenance service

Technical facilities e.g. electricity, heating and telecom are accessed on regular basis by dozens of specialists in the residential installment. Get rid of the tricky task of key management. In addition you know who is using your spaces and when.

Shared space access

Shared space access will make everyday management of sauna, laundry room, storages and all other shared areas a breeze. Reservation and access can be handled from easy to use mobile calendar. In addition you know who has accessed your facilities and when.

Why Lukoton access management?

Secure mobile access to all traditional door types

  • Secure and sertified
  • Encrypted data
  • Monitored access for outsiders
  • No critical information on mobile device
  • Secure and easy to use access management
  • Quick revoke of access rights
  • Installed on safe side of the doors

Easy to use mobile interface and access management

  • User friendly mobile apps (Android & iOS)
  • Browser based access management (no additional installations)
  • Security setting can be configured based on needed level of security.
  • Access right (to a smart phone) on the fly.

Cost effective access control and added security

  • Emergency Access that saves lives
  • Cost effective access management (who, when, where)
  • Security alerts
  • Indoor positioning integration
  • Task management integration (ask for estimate)

No more demanding key maintenance

  • Get rid of time consuming key management. No delivering, returning and management
  • Less need for re-serialization. Need for additional key copies will diminish dramatically
  • Wireless lightweight access control with minimal cost of traditional systems
  • Mechanical keys as a backup

Key management made easy.