Lukoton helps EU’s keyless cyber security

Lukoton visited Trusted Cloud program in London. Other large scale members were F-Secure, British Telecom, Telecom Italia and in addition selected innovative SME’s around the EU area.

One goal of Trusted Cloud is to create a cyber secure cloud service supporting European business development with full privacy for corporations and individuals. The market dominated by American corporations has a clear window for European alternatives. Instead of technology the business models, efficient marketing and harmonization of legislation are true challenges of this project.

Lukoton will bring here it’s industry insight, help to define the deliverables and aid in testing other participants components. The biggest up side for Lukoton here are additional security to our product and validation for our development process. Also finding new customers from Trusted Cloud ecosystem could have major impact on our growth.

2014_LKN_web_artikkeli_SecureCloud_1920x1200px_cIn addition to service development in Trusted Cloud there are also research and acceleration functions (Nestholma FIN, Digital Catapult UK) to back up and motor the out comes. This’ll help us to avoid pitfalls and accelerate new growth.

Trusted Cloud will continue 2016 and we welcome new innovative members.

Safe and secure autumn,


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