Lukoton keyless access used by Finland’s hottest startup accelerator

Scandinavia’s largest startup accelerator Maria 0-1 chose Lukoton’s keyless access control. The incubator is managed by Startup Foundation, New Business Centre of Helsinki, and City of Helsinki.

The purpose of Startup Maria 0-1 is to build a dynamic and inspiring community for entrepreneurs and that is much more than just a space with four walls. Lukoton mobile access is a natural part of dynamic community which is constantly on the move and collaborating with third parties. With Lukoton system we can enhance the people flow of Maria 0-1’s in-house staff, startups and in addition make the access of maintenance companies a lot easier.

It’s great to be involved in helping Maria 0-1 everyday life in practical level and to be a part of the ecosystem. Maria is a perfect client since the community is easy going. We get valuable feedback and feature requests on regular basis. Collaboration with them will help us to polish our user experience and to develop new features.



“Lukoton keyless app makes me  feel like a superhero!”

Aino Heiska
Account Manager, Industryhack

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